Little Stuffed Pig

A recent request:  this customer has a sweet memory of her sister as a child carrying around a stuffed pig.  Wouldn’t it be great to make a pig, using her sister’s precious clothing, as a memory-filled keepsake of her sister?  We at Love You Sew Memories made a sample pig, and let one of the 2 year old grandkids play with it.  His response?  he said, “My pig!”, grabbed it, and went everywhere with it!

both the pig and the grandson are adorable!

keepsakes for a limited budget

We recently thought we would try making some small keepsakes. As it turns out, the basic bear looks almost cuter in the 6 to 8 inch size than in the standard Basic Bear size! The additional bonus is the lower price: our mini Basic Bear is only $20, which makes it easier to get several of them for family and friends. We also created a small mouse keepsake, it’s only $4, and is a real little stocking stuffer. Keepsakes this size will travel well, and are easily packed into a carry on size suitcase or even into a pocketbook. As with any of our keepsakes, if the mini Basic Bear or Mouse is for a small child, we need to know so we can embroider eyes rather than using little buttons for eyes.