Sew Memories

Treasured Keepsakes
from your old Clothing & Fabrics


Memory Bears

Memory Bears are our most popular item! We can sew your loved clothing, blankets and other fabric items into a lovely Teddy Bear. Our Original Edition and Basic Edition bears bring comfort and loving memories.

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Warming & Decorative Pillows

Warming pillows are filled with natural grains and herbs or essential oils. Microwavable for soothing comfort and warm memories.

T-shirts, logowear and loved quilts and more find new life and new memories in decorative pillows in a variety of styles and sizes.

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"An Elephant Never Forgets"

The keepsake Stuffed Elephant is a great alternative to the Memory Bear.

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Don't throw away that t-shirt collection in your bureau and closet! We can create a rag style t-shirt quilt for you.

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Tea Cosies & Teapot Warmers

When life is tough, a cup of hot tea sustains and comforts me, so I love creating tea cosies from a loved shirt (cuffs can be incorporated into some designs). A childs outgrown t-shirt can now warm both your heart and your teapot. We have also used kitchen curtains, logo wear, uniforms and more!

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Pajama Pets

The Pajama Llama and Jammie Lamb are cute ways to reuse those well loved sleepwear items, or other item.

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Dogs & Cats

We can stich up a dog or a cat to become your new best friend!

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Special Orders

Don't see what you had in mind? We can often accomodate your special requests and unique orders. See a sampling of custom keepsakes we have created in the past!

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