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MK: Monkey: $65


Each item can be personalized with embroidery for Names & Date or a Phrase. Starts at $10

Tea Cosies


Traditional Tea Cosy

Available in two sizes. The Tea Cosy above is crafted from funky kitchen curtains, shown at left.




Gathered Tea Cosy

Available in two sizes. Grandpa's long sleeve shirt was crafted into this Tea Cosy. In this case, shirt sleeve cuffs are used as the top frill.


Tea Cosies

TTC: Original Edition Cosy: no longer available
GTC: Small Modern Gathered Cosy: no longer available
(to add sleeve cuffs to above, add $5)



If rabbits are special to you or your family, you can choose one of several styles.

RO: Original Rabbit (above Left): $50
RB: Basic Bunny (above right): $45
RBBS: Baby Bunny Snuggly (below): $40

See Also: Childs Bunny Neck Pillow, below.


Other Keepsakes in our Keepsake Menagerie!

  "My son is into giraffes".
No problem. An Aunt's fleece scarf
became a cool giraffe.
"Dad always gave each new grandchild a donkey".
We created this donkey using his grey sweatshirt.

"I have Mom's old blue blanket.
Can you make a Lion for her Grandson?"

"Happy Easter to my Grandson!"
Grandpa's sweatshirt and t-shirt combine to create
this soft neck travel pillow.

This Piggy is a bank for your memories!
A flower made from a Necktie!

We remember Grandpa whose favorite shirt became a grain and herb-filled warming pillow. An extra touch: the collar of his well-worn shirt adds a sense of being close.


A great retirement gift for a hard working Mail Carrier. Union logos, collar, grains and herbs combine to produce a memory-filled way to relax.


Tell us your ideas! Let us know how we can create that special keepsake for your loved ones. Contact us for pricing.


Price can vary somewhat depending on the type and age of the fabrics; some fabrics will need to be stabilized at an additional cost. See our Price List.

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